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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Jun 23, 2001.

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    I was atg my dealer yesterday and they showed me the mulch plate they have my 61 Dane ztr. My mower has the baffles all ready welded in from the factory so all i needed was the plate that has a small rounded baffle welded on to help the grass (where the discharge is) to continue on around. Well on my deck there is like a piece of steel, i reckon for deck reinforcment at the backside of the discharge that heads straight in instead of going around in a circle. Well the prob comes from the there piece it lets the grass build up and not continue the big mulch circle and it drops. It leaves a tiny trail of clippings right at the discharge side all along the pass. I was happy with the cut and all but that upset me. ANy of you familiar with this? Is there a fix? I really would like to use it because i have a half dozen or so account swith hi upkeep gardens (50,000+) and really hate gettig clippings in the mulch!!! HElp'!!!
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    I run eXmark mowers and the mulch kit has individual baffle plates
    for each blade and a cover plate for the discharge opening. If your
    mulch kit is just a plate to cover the discharge, I cant see how it
    can do a good job mulching, due to the fact that all three blades are
    pushing cut grass toward the plate. The eXmark kit makes each blade
    a seperate mulching chamber.If you put mulch kit on your Dane just to
    keep grass out of mulch beds, I would suggest some type of operator
    controlled discharge like a Dixie Chopper. Check out
    they make an operator controlled discharge for Lazers. Might want to
    give them a call, they might build one for you to fit your Dane. If
    you have a good weld/fab. shop in your area they might be able to build you one for you. ED
  3. guntruck

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    OK ,thanks, i am a welder myself and we weld all the mods on our trailer which will be posted soon top show the latest updates. Well i was unsure if each chamber is closed off separetely from eachother on a mulch kit. I will probably just turn that plate into a OCDC with some brackets.

  4. Mount a couple of hinges and use a universal manual choke cable for the control.
  5. rdh

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    you will be cleaning the deck a lot with a mulch plate i think danes have a poor deck desighn i have to clean (SCRAPE)mine all the time and thats with out a plate.
  6. HOMER

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    My Scag is made the same way. It has the baffles under the deck but they aren't closed in like the Exmark. I bought the "plate" so that I could block the chute off and got the same results. I DID put double blades on and it seemed to help somewhat but not 100%. The little 18 Kohler was struggling a little so I wound up taking them back off. I could get by with it but would have to run over the row of grass again to disperse it. I might try welding some more sheetmetal in to make a true mulching deck one day but right now it is a dedicated bagger.
  7. guntruck

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    Rdh i have noticed that every eight hours we sharpen our blades we need to clean the decks also. The build up seems a bit excessive but just from looking at the design i do not believe its the design that causes the problem. I am going to order some mo-deck froom here and see what happens from there, my bud says my problems will er solved he said its good s#*t!!
  8. rdh

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    they say toro can discharge wet grass very good with no clumps.
    i have looked at toro and they dont have baffles in the front.this keeps the grass from going to the next chamber.they use all there horse power to cut fast .we or i loosehorse power and have to slow down to cut or deck clogs .

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