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Mulch Kit / problems


LawnSite Member
Raleigh, NC
Hey all. I am re-trying the mulching kit. I went to the dealer and had the blades sharpened. I couldnt get the left baffel to fit right because of bolt. I had to do some modifications on the baffel so it could fit. Has anyone had the same problem. Here are the pictures.






Larry Davis

LawnSite Member
Franklin, NC

You should read my post dated 9-23-05 titled "Problem with Mulch Kit". PJ says he has not had this complaint before, however, I believe it is very common with most users just doing modifications and not reporting the problem. Hustler says these mulch kits are not "precision made" and users should just "drill larger holes". I just can't help wondering how a major manufacturer of commercial grade turf equipment can sell ANY accessory to their customers that is not "precision made"!


LawnSite Member
Owasso, OK
I had a different problem with these baffles. The smaller end on one of them got bent into the blade by a stick. I had to remove it and straighten it. I would recommend that these baffles have three secure points instead of one. This would prevent this from ever happening.