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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by satxmow, Jul 9, 2004.

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    i just bought a 44" Gravely with side discharge. Just wondering has anyone made there own mulch kit. I want a mulch kit but also would like to have the side discharge when the grass is high. I have a 32" gravely with mulch kit and can only use it on low grass. I want to be able to change from mulch to discharge in minutes. I asked the dealer if I could if i put a mulch kit he said it would awhile changing to discharge and back. So if anyone can give me ideas I would apprecitate the help.
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    Put the MEG MO system on and don't worry about a mulch kit.
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    That really answers his question doesn't it? Except he still throws
    grass in beds.

    If you cut up the right side of the mulch kit and use a piece of it with a threaded rod welded to it like the exmark kit you can bolt and unbolt the section that covers the shute. It should still throw pass enough grass from the left to right chamber to let you get by with this.

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