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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by roscioli, Jun 16, 2001.

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    Okay, i have a predicament. A very rich potential customer just called looking for an estimate for spreading mulch. I am very small time, but mulching is obviously not a complicated job, so i will give an estimate, and do the job well if he picks me. My problem is that I dont know what to give for a price. My other mulching jobs have been much smaller, 3-4 yards, 2-3 hours. I estimate this job to be about 12 yards of mulch. My usual hourly rate (which I usually charge for mulching, but this guy wants a flat number to compare prices) is $18/hour. If i do that price for this job its gonna only be $200 for a ton of work + mulch (which i dont profit from). What would you guys normally on a job like this? It is VERY spread out areas, with scattered plants in each. Any help, estimates, or comments appreciated, thanks in advance, michael
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    I would charge $900- $1000.00 depending on how much weeding and edging has to be done. I pay $25 a yard for the bark mulch that i use.
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    The problem I see is your hourly rate. I realize that hourly rates will vary quite a bit around the country, but $18 seems awfully low for hard labor no matter where you're from.
    I've seen guys here say they get $50. That would be high for my area, but I shoot for $35-36 myself.
    Consider upping your rates a bit.
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    thanks for the help guys..

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