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mulch labor


LawnSite Member
hey there fl. guys

need some help on labor for a commercial property to put down mulch buy the yard.i am in the lawn business and don't do much landscaping. thanks for your help.


LawnSite Senior Member
Tampa, Fla
more then likely you will be getting the mulch by bag, and I hope your getting it from a wholesale nursery!! :) PM me if you need any help or advise as I am not far from Largo at all. I would charge 55 per yard installed or double the costs of the bags. (so if your paying say around 3 per bag, charge 6-6.50 per bag installed.) Now if you need to do alot of prep work figure out how long the prep would take and charge an hourly rate for that, and just double the bag cost for the mulch. Again, if you need help let me know! Just PM me.


LawnSite Member
Columbus, Ohio
Okeefl, don't you charge for delivering the mulch?