Mulch Means I Will have Termites?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by MJE3794, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Hi; Just want to confirm or deny this suburban myth? Will I get termites if I use regular store bought mulch or mulch from a large commercial supplier? Are there suppliers I can contact in Southern New Jersey that can guarantee their mulch does not have termite eggs? I've had an infestation and want to reduce the changes of termites returning, so I'm thinking of how I might have gotten them. Any thoughts about this? Thanks. MJE3794
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    In the field, termites were detected with equal frequency beneath mulches of eucalyptus, hardwood, pine bark and pea gravel and bare, uncovered soil. Sustained activity over time was significantly higher beneath gravel mulch. The hospitable conditions beneath mulch likely accounted for the termite foraging activity. However, there is no evidence that the moist conditions attract termite foragers from the surrounding landscape. Rather, when the termites wander into a suitable habitat they are more likely to remain and feed in that area.
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    MJE, termite eggs can not survive in mulch like you are stating. It is some what of an urban myth. After Katrina hit New Orleans there was a quarinten on mulch products from the state of Louisiana, because of the formosan termite being in some of the debris thy were chopping up and trying to pass on as good mulch. As far as putting mulch on the ground there really aren't alot of issues as long as you keep it a few inches away from the house and your not providing a bridge over any existing termite treatment. The termites are going to find food reguardless of you having mulch or not.

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