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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gr8 1, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. gr8 1

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    Does anyone use the mulch mule? Has it paid for itself? We demoed one last year and thought it was great. We figured we could do 4 times the mulching without shoveling into the wheelbarrow. but $30,000 seemed a little crazy.
    We found we could have something built just like it except its not made out of stainless steel for half the price.

  2. bubenberg

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    Gentlemen of Mulch,
    all you mulch blowers, here is a guy that had a very good question and no one had anything to say about it. Have seen the MULCH MULE in action, very little mechanically can go wrong ...thought the price is high and i will be talking to Millcreek tomorrow to see if one of their spreaders can be (converted)used for over the road

    some ideas just die in here ...they could help very much keep more money in our pockets
  3. eskals

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    Relax...Sometimes topics just get buried, or simply no one has anything to say about it.

    I've never seen a mulch mule, but after looking at the weak website I just don't see the attraction. Sure, you can carry mulch yourself w/o a big dump and load wheelbarrows with it, but I just don't see a huge advantage. You still have to wheelbarrow the mulch around and spread it by hand. The only thing you save is loading time. To me, a mulch blower makes more sense. No wheelbarrows and no hand spreading.

  4. paul

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    Sorry but for 30K I can get a lot of mulch deliveried and we spread all of our mulch with skid steers when we are planting, it might load a wheelbarrow but a skid loader moves it much faster than any three men with wheelbarrows.
  5. Stonehenge

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    bub -

    You're posting at a rate of about 1 post per month, so please don't beat up those of us who regularly post. This is a very busy time of year for most of us, so unless I have something pertinent to say, I tend to keep my mouth shut (or my hands away from the keyboard).

    I don't move enough mulch to justify anything like that. And if I did, I'd probably try to use existing equipment (skidsteer) to fill the need, instead of investing so much money into something so task-specific, so specialized.
  6. Rodney Anderson

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    Mulch Mule

    I helped biuld this machine and I have very good things to say about it. Although I do very little mulch work myself, If I were moving I
    dont know 1000 yards I would consider it. I will tell you that a steel until will drasticly add to you tar weight. We used aluminim to lighten the road weight. I visit the shop a few times a month in
    Louisville, Oh and see very little problems. When I barrowed they Mulch Mule it moves just about any much wet, dry, frozen and any texture. One thing I found about this unit is that you cannot force the muich to the front of the trailer to fast, it will bind up the
    beater bars per say and cause the breaking of bar and or damage the gears attatched to the bar. I think its a good macine but I also agree it is abit of money to spend for a machine. But if i needed a write it is something to consider. any one is welcome to e-mail me for info that I can share.
  7. bubenberg

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    by shutting once mouth we probaly would not have gotten Mr. Andrsons imput ...don't you agree .... good writers such as you are .... cant forget that following up on dead leads is one of the cardinal rules in keeping the readers aware of what is going on .... we will be watching very closely your future 661 inputs ... and hope to learn much from you

    great going Stonehenge
  8. dmk395

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    How about a picture of the mulch mule?
  9. eskals

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    You can check out the Mulch Mule website at . Just to warn you, it is not a great website. Very little product info.

  10. dan deutekom

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    Looks like a glorified dump trailer. Don't think the limited use would justify the cost. We use a 5 ton truck with a 2 way dump (frink) origionaly used for municipal salting and sanding of roads. In the spring we take off the sander and we auger the soil, gravel mulch etc. right into wheelbarrows without shoveling. Saves a lot of time and energy. The up side is that it works like a normal dump and we use it to tow our skid steer too. These trucks are easy to find at municipal auctions at a cheap price.

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