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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cfrymow, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Superior L & L

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    Mr force must AKA "billy Goat" must be trying to buy the mulch mule "rights" or trying to distribute it
  2. Mr. Force® Billy Goat Industries

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    Nope, as I said earlier they offer our DL as an accessory on their units. I didn't understand their product and what it offered until I researched it. I now understand what it offers and it is a serious value for those who have the correct applications.

    Honestly, if I was trying to buy the "rights" to distribute shouldn't I keep quiet to ensure I can get it for as little as possible? I've been very open about where I stand with this product.
  3. syzer

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    Here is our mulch mule, I dont think there is a comparison.

  4. BulldogPS

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    I think the mulch mule is a great idea, mainly because a majority of my customers and my entire crew request that bark blowers not be used, and I agree with them. Bark blowers leave a skim, crappy finish that isn't as good to look at. Most of the landscapers around here have made their own decision to switch to bark blowers without consulting their customers first. Kinda selfish if you ask me, abandon quality for speed. The customer is left to pay for a mulch job that looks half-ass. We laugh when we see guys using bark blowers, $40,000+ and it only blows mulch, what a joke. The overspray is horendous. Maybe these guys arn't using the bark blowers correctly, all I know is that judging by what I've seen, I'd rather buy the mulch mule, and regain the man who was lost filling wheelbarrows. Hand laid mulch looks way better and stays looking better longer. I'm all for speeding up jobs and automating everything, but if the result is not as good as the original method, then you have not succeded.

    Keep using Bark Blowers, I would love to take your customers, they can see the difference.:laugh:
  5. syzer

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    Trust me when I tell you, who ever you seen using a bark blower like that is a maniac and a very inexperienced user. We can put down way more mulch, and WAY better then by hand in almost ALL instances.

    I will try to post some pics.
  6. syzer

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  7. jsaunders

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    MM product info says 100 yrd per hour- I couldn't even get the mule loaded with 100 yrds loaded in an hour-
    I liked the idea until I talked to the sales guy years ago and heard the $$$$$:hammerhead:- This was before the leaf loader option as well.
  8. BulldogPS

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    Ok now that looks more like it, your guys must know how to use your bark blower, because that looks totally different than the jobs I see around here. I may have to drive around and snap some photos of what I'm talking about, you will all get a good laugh. You may change my opinion of bark blowers after all.
    One question, can the bark blowers dispense other materials as well as mulch?
  9. syzer

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    Yeah, I think blowing is superior to doing it by hand because the heavier chips hit the ground first, then the lighter particles, so the mulch takes on a really smooth almost velvety look that the photos just dont come close to showing.

    The machines will blow other materials, we top dress athletic and golf fields as well as aeration/overseeding/top dress with compost in the fall. We have superior result to hydroseeding with this setup. Also you can blow small stone (which we wont do, but you can), dirt, etc. You can also outfit it to be a salt spreader in the winter, which again we wont do =).

    I will try to get out this week and get a picture of the mulch up close it will give everyone a much better idea of what it looks like.
  10. Marek

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    For large beds the blower is nice and alot of it depends on the product and the operator. We got rid of ours years ago, We were only using it 80 - 100 hrs per year and they are high maintanance. That shute that is shown in the pic is about worthless, adds to much weight to the end of the hose. We always had trouble with dust, or fines getting all over the place, window sills and such. You cant beat a blower for compro. We have done it both ways and will tell you ,you will get a better quality job with good guys doing it by hand! But for large commercial areas the blower is ok. All that money you save in labor with the blower will come back full cicle when you have to have your air chamber rebuilt. Ours only made it 300 hrs. What does Finn tell you you can get out of one now? Take that and cut it in half.

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