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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cfrymow, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Turboguy

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    Finn must think the Mulch Mule makes sense. They are showing thier new version of the Mulch Mule at the Louisville show. I have a feeling that will be the first serious competion for Mulch Mule.
  2. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Im guessing that is where the mulch is mounded up around the tree bases? lol. Anyway, i dont think any of theirs in the pics are high at all, most places even residentially have HUGE mounds, most times way too big. His pics are fine though.
  3. Kate Butler

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    Sorry, folks, I gotta disagree. ANY mulch that touches the bark of a tree is a vector for potential fungal and bacterial problems. It's a recognized problem that can be obviated by leaving a small 'well' so that the mulch does not touch the tree's bark.
  4. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Well yeah, but i was referring to the height of it in general, not actually what touches the tree or not.

    We always just cup out the mulch around the top, so helps when smaller places hand water by garden hose, keeps some of the water pooling up and reduces the bulk of the runoff.

    Ive seen plenty of times though, companies mound up the mulch a foot off the ground and its still touching the bark the whole foot up.
  5. syzer

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    The "Mulch Volcanos" arent solid mulch, its the way whom ever planted the trees did it when the condos were built. The trees flare is at mulch level on the top and the mulch gradually raises where it meets ground level to prevent any fungal outbreak. We dont plant our trees like that, nor do we mulch 10" up the tree truck like we have seen done before.

    Nearly every community we maintain, and retail plazas all have the same thing going on.
  6. Cutter1

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    I have seen both machines in action. I bought a bark blower. I do like the idea of the mulch mule, but you still have to get it to the bed!! I love my bark blower and I use it all the time, I can move 100 yards easy in a day, they only part that sucks is getting it in the blower!! I have done 12 yards in a half hour with my blower wide open throttle and deck speed up on a hill. two guys shoveling as fast as they can. it has its good and bad parts, the dust is an issue sometimes, but its all about the operator. It pays for itself in material saved!!
  7. cougjf

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    With experience using mulch blowers and dealing with complaints from customers due to the dust, blowing mulch on rain days, clogs in the line due to NOT always perfectly dry mulch, I can tell you the mulch mule may not put down as much as a blower but now you can reduce your man power by one guy (around me a $12/hr employee per season runs $30k a year) This unit now enabling the crew to be one guy less helps. It also can be used for other services i.e. gravel and sand for patios, hauling plants during non mulching days, and the leaf vacuum. Think about what you do when your sucking leaves one day and the next you need to go salting or haul material but your leaf box is on the back! I believe reviewing your crews efficiency ratios and how much bullsh*t (that directly leads to overtime) is controllable and able to be reduced
  8. AintNoFun

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    sounds like a commerical, lol..
  9. Kate Butler

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    Hey, if it's the right tool for the job, then so be it. I've been considering one, too.
  10. fool32696

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    I smell a mulch mule rep posing as a regular lawnsite member. If you're going to sneak around and try to promote, at least have older profiles with more posts.

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