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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworkseb, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. lawnworkseb

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    What do you think about the john deere mulch on demand. Mainly how do they mulch, looking at the new 48 deck???
  2. Ridin' Green

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    Several guys here have them and love them. Mine is a std deck, but I have run the MOD setup for a few weeks, and it does a pretty good job of mulching as long as you aren't trying to do more than 2"-3.5" or so per cutoff, depending on the thickness of the grass/clippings. It is expensive as an option, but I believe it is worth it if you can afford it. For leaves etc, it is excellent. It really is about as close to being the perfect option that we have so far in this industry.
  3. GoldStarMowing

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    I have the standard 54" pro deck on my 920 and I can't tell you how many times I wished I would have gotten the MOD deck. It's kind of a pain to take the mulching kit on and off the deck for different conditions and different customers. Being able to throw a lever and mulch/discharge would be great. I have yet to demo one so take this with a grain of salt as I can't speak for mulching performance.
  4. mowerbrad

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    I will never buy another ztr without the Mulch on Demand deck. I have both a 48" standard 7ironPRO and a 54" 7ironPRO MOD deck. Honestly, both seem to leave the same cut quality and perform pretty similarly when discharging.

    With the MOD deck, it gives you options really, which is why I initially purchased one. Being able to move a lever and go from side discharging to mulching is awesome. I've been using the high lift blades for the past two seasons, which results in good discharging of clippings (distance especially) and a phenominal cut qualy. My dealer has suggested that I try mulching blades (due to our extremely sandy soil in my area) this season, so I'm not sure how the mulching blades will work, but my dealer tells me that they should work very well.

    With the high lift blades, you will have great discharging performance, like I said before, but mulching performance is not going to be exactly like a true deck with mulching kit. You will see a windrow of clippings next to the discharge, mainly when cutting off more than just a couple inches. I'd say 3" is probably the cut off of when the cut looks good on the first pass and when you start to see a noticeable windrow next to the discharge. But per my dealer, the mulching blades will improve the mulching performance and help to chop up the clippings better when bagging. I'm not quite sure how well the mulching blades will side discharge, but I bag or mulch mostly so its not a major concern for me.

    With the extra components under the MOD deck, it does create more parts to snag/collect clippings under the deck. I've noticed a little more build-up with my MOD deck over my standard deck, though. It's not a very noticable increase in build-up when I'm cleaning the deck, but I do notice a little more.

    If you plan on bagging, the MOD deck helps there as well. You can actually close the MOD deck partially so you can basically mulch some grass and bag the excess at the same time. I can't use this feature under extreme growth/wet conditions (as I just have to bag fully then) but for normal conditions, that is my favorite thing. I can go from collecting a full hopper of clippings (14 bushels) to half that or less when closing the MOD part way. That definately helps at the end of the day when emptying the trailer. Plus, the customer gets the best of both worlds, a clean looking lawn and the nutrients from the cut grass added back into their soil.

    Switching from bagging to side discharging or mulching is as simple as taking the fan off the side of the deck and then bolting on a plate to the MOD discharge cover. It takes 1-2 minutes really to get it all set. So really with one machine you can bag, side dischage and mulch all within a couple minutes.
  5. Ridin' Green

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    I've been using Deere OEM mulching blades to side discharge for several years on a couple different 60" Deere decks, and they work just fine. If you mow at FS right now, you will probably have to slow down a little bit, but then again in sandy soil, and/or thinner grass you may not. Just keep them razor sharp for best performance. With the MOD closed, they should greatly improve the performance, both in mulching, and with reduced front skirt blowout.
  6. Jlawnmow

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    So worth it!!! Wont get another JD without it. Or for that matter wont buy any other ZTR B/C they dont have that option!!
  7. tyler_mott85

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    Can you get the MOD decks on their Quik Traks?
  8. dplawn

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    I have it and LOVE IT!! Would not buy one with out it now!!
  9. Jimslawncareservice

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    Same here. Can't say enough good stuff about it.

    As of now, no they are not available on the quick traks. A couple salemen at my dealer heard it was possibility for 2012, but are not sure now. They thought maybe it had to do with location of the mod handle, and making it sturdy enough. If you have used a stander before,you know you can duck behind them if you have trees to mow through or other objects.
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    I dont thinks so....Mower Brad may have some insight on that....

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