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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dsikaras, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. dsikaras

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    We are a new company located in the Chicagoland. We have picked up about 25 accounts and a majority of our clients have .25 acre or less of grass. The average cost to cut, and edge a lawn is about 65-70 dollars a month. We were wondering if we should mulch the grass or bag/haul it away. If we set our mower to mulch, will it be fine enough where it won't be noticeable and will the lawn look good?
  2. yardatwork

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    Why not ask the customer what they prefer. It shouldn't be your decision in my opinion. You're providing your customers a service and they pay you for that service so it should be their choice.
  3. thom

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    you might want to ask your clients what they want.if they dont know what a mulched lawn looks like,offer to do a demo.
  4. Think Green

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    I am kind of stuck on the fee for mowing a month??
    Are you performing complete seasonal services at those rates? And do those same rates apply if you don't mow at all? If we just mow a lawn that is 15K, it warrants minimally 140.00 per month for summer services. That is not including bed weed control and trimming the shrubs.??????
    IF we bag a lawn, it has to be transported for the day and disposed of according. Small lawns may not accumulate that much clippings, but it will add up at the end of the day.
    Bagging costs anywhere from 3-5 bucks extra per week for disposal.
    We don't have curbside hauloff from the city. We pay a dump haulers sticker per year and have to drive it to the accredited landfill. The customer gets charged for this service, so pretty much the idea of bagging is dieing just as our landfills..
  5. clean_cut

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    I would mulch as long as it is o.k. with the customer, it provides nutrition to the lawn and saves $$$ on fertilizer, it is also less work trying to haul the clippings away every week.
  6. jblatti13

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    this is a joke right?
    you picked up 25 accounts without knowing if you should make the decision to mulch or bag, and your charging 65 dollars a month for 1/4 acre lots?

    1. get a clue.
    2. ask the customers what they want, its their yard.
    3. if you cut like everyone else does in illinois, you will cut at least 3 times a month, so your cutting lawns for $21?....See #1
    4. do you pay taxes, insurance, all that good stuff? im thinking no.
    5. big thank you for being part of the reason this line of work now blows.

    i could possibly see all this if your like 14. so if you are, sorry for being an ahole. however i dont think thats the case.
  7. bigw

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    Ditto!!!!!!!! SEE # 1 again
  8. LB1234

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    the first clue would be he just picked up 25 accounts...
  9. Darryl G

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    You've got 25 customers and don't know how you're going to mow the lawns???? Sounds like you put the cart in front of the horse.
  10. PMLawns

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    You have 25 accounts at a $65-$70 monthly rate .....boy oh boy, at that rate- you better be bagging all that grass! And hauling it away too! I can see it's going to be a difficult year already!:cry::cry::cry:

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