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mulch or megmo's


LawnSite Member
hartford ct
ok sirs heres the deal. i have a 60 z and a 52 hydro walk that i am either going to set up with either a mulch kit or these new meg blades. i also have a peco for the z and no bagger for the 52. ive heard all the arguement these posts have caused in the past and i really dont want to hear it again. if you think something isnt balanced or will blow up your mower, or side discharge is the life for me, please leave my post i dont wanna hear it.

i think me and a lot of other people would just like to hear a few peoples experiences with the megmo's and or mulching kits. im just worried about having to drop a mulch kit every time it sprinkles. i want to avoid bagging lawns with lots of beds and or irrigation and chem lawn. i have a lot of growers. that being said what experiences have u guys had with these 2 different ideas.

i figure the megs will provide me more versatility and i can just weld up a quick flapper door, but do they really mulch?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Double highlifts work the best with a ocdc. Some of my customers hated the Meg Mo's, rooster tails in every pass during the Spring and early summer. Mulch kit is ok until you get in tall damp grass.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Wilton, CT
444but do they really mulch?
Not really. The only way to mulch is to not let the clippings out the side. I have not used an OCDC or mulch kit. I do have megmos for my 60" Lazer. I have used them here and there for about two years. They are great on leaves because they have great vacuum and in the fall you tend to find small branches mixed with the leaves and the megmos don't get dull as fast as regular blades do when you hit things.

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
I ran the meg-mo's on a hustler 25 horse shortcut with the 54" deck a few years back. I then used some welding skills to modify the discarge chute to close or open. Because the shortcut had a manual pto, not an electric blade engage, we were able to run the meg mo's. the new design with the 4 holes in the circle may be lighter and will not put too much load on the electric pto-

The meg-mo's out performed any mulching combination I had come up with in dry grass. In wet, I had to open the chute and it still sometimes left lawn turds. It did all they say it will do, and did need sharpening less. I wish they had a design that used the blade tips you can buy at tractor supply company, they are less than a buck apiece for a pack of 6. buying tips from meg mow is closer to 3 bucks a tip. good luck-


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southfield, MI
If you must make a decision between just these two options, go for the full mulch kit. I have tried about every setup out there including the worst of them all - Megmo's. The mulch kit will work way better, at least it does on my ExM 48" TT. You may have to go over areas twice, and you may have to cut a big higher overall.


LawnSite Senior Member
Eden, MD
if it's real tall and thick and wet it may take 2 passes - one at a higher setting and one at height - but i just slow down - be warned though - if you stop your blades the mower will drop a load right there and then - like a brontosaurus - i try to drop it out of the way or in a place it's easy to clean up IF it gets bogged - I use a full mulch kit and specified blades on a Lesco Ztwo - I would recomend a full mulch kit - thats all i'm doing from now until i change my mind again - and any new mowers will be set up to mulch - it looks clean - you can cut right along the buildings and cars without blasting them with clippings - and i think i'm far less likely to send anything i don't see flying through a window or dog or kid