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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfmonkey, Mar 11, 2002.

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    wanting to know the best way to mow is it to mulch or not to mulch.:)
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    You my friend asked one of those questions that will garner you a variety of opinions. I personally will only mulch mow a lawn where the customer is kinda cheap and doesn't want to spent the extra 2.00 for me to bag the grass clippings. Realisticly, I generally mow with a bag attached to keep up the clippings during early spring to the start of summer, come summer I will do more mulch mowing to help fertilize the lawn with the clippings and to help make it more draught resistant. The nice thing about using a bag is that it does help keep weeds down some by collecting the weed seeds that otherwise would be spread around when you mulch mow. Many yards I mulch mow due to cost, I save on bagging time and less debris to haul off. Now if you have a budget mower it may not mulch very well, The use of special mulching blades reduces the clumping that is common with many machines. Currently I am trying a blade I purchased at walmat for my back up mower, it is a super mulcher blade and it seems to work very well at shredding up the clippings and not having the clumps.
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    why bag? mulching is better for the lawn and easier.
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    As I have said.... you will get a variety of opinions.

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