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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by ripple, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. HazellLawnCare

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    I was just quoted $20 for a 2x2x6 blocks from a concrete company about an hour away. Now I just have to find an economical way to get them here. Do any of you have any ideas?
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    when we did the ones at trugreen we hired a trucking compnay for a day. set us back about 700 bucks and we got enough blocks to create a bin 30 feet long 8-9 feet tall and 12 feet wide...enogh to hold 40 tons of sand.... I imagine you could get close to 7-80 yards of mulch if you were able to pile it up...
  3. SLSNursery

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    Rates for blocks


    We have purchased several thousand blocks over the years and the prices have ranged from in the $20s into the $40s. When we get a deal on2x3x4 blocks, I'll buy a bunch and then sometimes even sell them. One at a time from our shop we get $55-65 each. The cost of the block isn't always a major cost factor though, since they weigh about 3800# each, freight and handling is a major factor. This limits the amount that can be legally transported, and you need to be able to unload them. If you can unload them quickly, that is even better. Basically we hire flatbed tractor trailers to haul for us, and they'll get about 14 per load. We used to unload with a forklift and/or backhoe. Now we use an excavator, which makes it quick, sometimes 2 at a time. When the meter is running for trucking, that makes the most sense. However, if you don't have a machine, or can't get one easily, this will add substantially to the cost. The only way to cost average down would be to get a large number of blocks so the setup and delivery costs are spread over that number, rather than all that effort for just a few blocks.
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    I buy my mulch by the tractor and trailer load and needed somthing to keep it from going everywear until we use it. And just so happend that a construction crew was putting in a water line close to me, and they were hauling off some asphalt and rather large rocks so I told them that they could dump it in my dump area. I took and broke the asphalt with my loader then stacked it up like a wall around a couple of sides and for the front next to the road I used the rock build a wall so it wouldn't look so bad from the road. Actually looks pretty good from the road with some evergreens planted in front of it.Don't know if this helps butit was inexpensive and it works for me
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    Do you have any pics of your creation?

  6. TysonsTree

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    Just a quick thought.. One of the landscape companies that buy our mulch setup storage bins using 'telephone poles'. -Gary
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    Just went through this about a month ago, Just keep calling local trucking co's and see what the will charge, I eneded up getting it for $125 a load About 11 blocks, and they had to go about 40 miles. each way plus and hour wait to load and unload.
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    Anybody ever use railroad ties for a wall or are they too weak?
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