Mulch price? Am I on cue?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by scag2015, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. scag2015

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    Hey all just wanted to see if I'm in the right ball park for mulch prices. I've been charging a $1 per cubic ft (not including bed clearing etc.) am I hight, low? (Basically every 2cu ft bag I lay I charge $2) and before anyone says it,...... Most if the time I actually do buy in bags but I do get in by the cubic yard once in a while, but this customer wanted a certain one from ace) so anyways am I good on pricing? Thanks! Ps. I know my operating cost and kinda what I want to make but not really sure on this. Oh and for this job the customer is a really good friend so I want to give them a good deal:) thanks!
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  2. scag2015

    scag2015 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Anyone?:) thanks!:)
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  3. RedSox4Life

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    If you know your operating costs and desired profit, than y know better than anyone else on lawnsite if you're on target or not.

    The only other variable maybe you should take into consideration would be the local market.

    In other words... If th local market can bear $2 per cubic foot and you're only charging $1, even if you're hitting your correct numbers, why leave money on the table?

    I'm in Massachusetts so obviously our numbers won't be the same, but I charge closer to double what you're charging. $45 per yard for easy access and no/minimal prep work. It goes up from there.
  4. caseysmowing

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    I start at 100 a yard installed for hardwood dyed mulch. That is just to pick it up and put it down no extras. I get it for $21 a yard. If that gives you a idea. Never have used bagged mulch.
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    OPTIMISTIC LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info guys, I was looking for information regarding this as well.

    If there is pre-existing mulch do you just rake it out and install new? Or salvage with more on top?
  6. Grant11

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    I think it usually looks best to remove old mulch but it isn't always necessary. I'll tell the customer my price to remove mulch and let them decide if its worth it.

    Your price is a little low. I get $75 a yard installed and i pay $22. That breaks down to almost $2 a cubic foot and people tell me I'm cheap.
  7. scag2015

    scag2015 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Awesome you'll! Thank for the advice and now I know I need to raise my price for mulch because I'm way low:) (oh and i meant $1 per cubic ft with mulch already paid for (so $1 is just for work) and no prep work and easy acess)
    So basically her is what is was (I actually did other things like major bed cleaning etc but I charged that sepertally) I layed 2 cubic yards of mulch (actually 60 cu ft) with easy easy quick acess to where it was needed. So my base price on that was $60 what do you'll think? (I need to talk to some guys around her and see what they are charging (if they don't mind:)) so I know what my market can bare:) thanks!!:)
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  8. whiffyspark

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    Little low but not bad.
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  9. Pressedun

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    $100 per yard installed with prep included to a certain extent (edging, weeding, installation).Planting and pruning is extra on top but that's a good ball park.
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  10. scag2015

    scag2015 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ok thank, keep replys coming, so I did forget to mention that very important detail, that's the price without my mulch matieral cost:) I'll post some pics maybe this evening so you'll can see it, and how much weeding it had to have:)
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