Mulch price-What would you charge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by overtona, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. skorum03

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    I always at least double the price per yard of mulch. Unless its like 15 yards or something like that then I might not charge quite that for the whole thing depending on the customer and whether or not I am doing other things for them besides the mulch.

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  2. DodgeDude

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    $75-$100 all day long for me.
  3. MR-G

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    bag mulch is a better way to go....been in biz 25 yrs. have done mulch every way possible and bag mulch always works better...more net $$ on bags and better tracking of amount...the additional labor to load and unload bulk kills the cost saving on material...our price per bag depends on the type of mulch but avgs. about 5.50 per bag installed..our cost is about 2.25 including labor.
  4. gcbailey

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    You have companies down there that will bag it, or are you talking about purchasing it from retail stores? We have a couple manufacturers within 30 miles of us, but they won't/don't bag.
  5. JimLewis

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    Bark Mulch here costs about $40 per yard, including delivery, for the good stuff. And I've found that the most we can really charge and still get the business is about $40 per yard for the labor portion. So $80 a yard is about our going price on bark mulch applications.

    At that price, we really don't make much profit. We're a big company with a lot of overhead and we have to charge more than that to make any profit at all. But it doesn't really matter. We don't make our money on bark mulch applications. We make it on the skilled stuff. Any Yahoo with a truck can spread mulch and that's why most people won't pay more than $40 a yard to have it spread. We make our money doing the kind of landscape and hardscape work that a lot of the other yard care companies can't do. The bark mulch, at the end of the job, is just what makes the landscape and hardscape job we just did "pop". It just gives a nice finishing touch to everything.

    So I guess I look at bark mulch in a different way than most. For us, it's not so much something to make money on. It's more of something to enhance what we make money on. As long as we make enough to just barely cover our overhead, I'm happy. Because we made a lot more money on the rest of the work we've done there.
  6. Lawnut101

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    It depends on the type of mulch. But usually I try and get $40/yd for labor to spread it. Mulch is real competitive in our area. Smaller jobs we do well at; larger jobs seem to be about break even.
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  7. LandFakers

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    105/yard while getting the product for 38/yard
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  8. PLLandscape

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    Jim knows what he's talking about. This post matters more than anything else about mulch on this entire site.

    I guess I'm different because I have NEVER priced anything on a per yard of anything. It's a one price estimate for a complete job. Rarely, if at all, have I ever had a call for just mulching beds. Mine are routinely full landscape maintenance jobs (trimming, edging, clean ups). Some on here also include "light" bush trimming, whatever that is, and edging for that one price! And if you broke it down by the "yard" I'd be at $187.50 per yard on some of the jobs.

    But Jim is still right. Any "Yahoo" with a truck can hack bushes down, make some sort of edge, and sling mulch. It's the stuff that others cannot do or cannot do well that bring much better money. Or do better than the others at the maintenance aspect, but that is an uphill battle too.
  9. dKoester

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    Some people make money, others don't and will be exiting the business faster that they think.

    Mulch cost+
    Delivery cost+
    Hourly rate per Employee= Job price(Some don't know how to get their hourly rate)

    Bushes are extra and billed by time+ disposal fee

    Good day people.
  10. PLLandscape

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    Pretty much.

    Whether anyone wants to hear it or not, aren't we just selling time, nothing more than time. Yes you install and/or maintain landscapes and hopefully with quality. But you are selling nothing more than time/hours..... So if you don't know what you need to make per hour to stay afloat, make money, or lose money, you're doing it all blindly...

    The local nursery is selling "Landscaping"

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