Mulch price-What would you charge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by overtona, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. TwoBrosLawn

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    I get $50/yd.
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  2. Ffrandl

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    90 to 100 a yard I generally have a dump truck bring in the mulch for around 225 per load and price to the customer at 275 then I tack my labor on at 550 a load it takes about 8 hours to spread the load by myself as long as the factors are in my faver.

    Prcied one mulch job at 1600 today for 2 dump truck loads(near 18 cubic yards)
    My price on mulch goes up if its dyed.
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  3. rbljack

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    ok so for the guys working with the bagged mulch products, 13.5 bags is a cubic yard.

    If the cost of a bag is 3 bucks per bag at a retail store, and you double the cost per bag to 6....that would mean installed cost would be 81 bucks a yard...if Im thinking about this correctly.

    Now, here is where things get confusing to me. Lets say we are prepping a bed for mulch and we can prep the bed and lay the mulch in one hour.

    First, the mulch cost 3 bucks a bag, so that's 40 bucks to buy a yard of mulch.
    Then there is gas to and from the pick up location. After expenses, Im going to take a wag and say that at 80 bucks a yard, you might be getting a net profit around 25 to 30 bucks per yard IF you can install it in under 1 hour, and you are solo.

    Do these numbers sound feasible?

    I did a job today that took a considerable amount of time to prep the beds, and I charged 60 bucks for a 10 bag install...but it took me an 1.5 hours total time to get the mulch, prep the beds, install the mulch and clean up afterwards. Add gas money, and 30 bucks for the mulch...I only made about 20 to 25 bucks for 1.5 hours, and that isn't too great. So, my thinking is the guys running closer to 100 per yard have a more realistic target number.
  4. bx24

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    I just bought again 20 yards of clean black pine bark mulch for $450 (my house). Normal time to move to mulch is about 1 hour (via tractor) if mulch beds are clean and lines are clean. To trim bed line is about 1 hour per 100 ft. See below on price.

    If paying to move is about $80 per hour.
  5. Pressedun

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    Far too low, I usually tack on a delivery fee plus my time to pick it up. With prep and mulch I end up around 90-100 per yard installed. Smaller mulch jobs I usually get more for since it takes time to get the mulch there.
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