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mulch prices


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southeast pa
Just wondering how much everyone pays for mulch...? I personally pay $22 a yard and think that is very high for someone in the trade to pay. And I do believe that it is far cheaper to buy it cheaper right across the bridge in NJ.


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Think the last time I figured 7.50 per yard for hardwood mulch by the semi truck load. I have it hauled in and it is there when i need it. Yes it does carry some overhead with it though.


LawnSite Senior Member
here in Ohio it's $25 for the public, $22.50 for landscapers, which I think is pathetic, for all the biz we give them.


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Central Texas
Bulk mulch (various kinds)here in Texas is $14.50 to $28.00 per yd. Installed price is $34.00 per yd + delivery fee. Bagged mulch is $1.80 my cost and retails for $3.75 per 3cu ft bag.
If your rich then you get cypress mulch at a whopping $4.25 a bag retail with no discount for landscapers.


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Triple ground Dark

$18 a yard for up to 50 yards

$16 a yard for 50+ yards.

Its usually cheaper in bulk, so it helps if you have the equipment and a place to store a big load fro the season. You can save a lot of money if you have the equipment to handle it through the season. (which not to many people do)