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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mickeyslawnlandscape, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. mickeyslawnlandscape

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    I'm curious on prices everyone is buying and then selling mulch by the yard and also list what type of mulch and location and delivery prices.
    I buy and sell mostly black and red dyed mulch, I buy it for $18 per yard and sell it for $32 per yard with a $25 delivery charge for anything under 5 yards. I use my own 12 yard dump truck and I'm from Southern New Jersey. I will deliver far but not to far with out additional delivery charges. People buy it, I sell mulch in large quantity's and I'm not a nursery or garden center, I just advertise and it sell's.

    Feel free to comment on my system, good or bad??
  2. LB Landscaping

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    $32 per yard plus a $25 delivery??? Wow I wish we could get that. Around here $25 per yard for dark is the going rate.
  3. Shady Brook

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    Welcome to the site Mickey

    I wish ya lived close to me, I would sub out all my mulch work to you. :D

    I assume either your being ornery, or you realize that your system is a waste of time, and is not making you any money.

    Knowing what other folks charge, especially some of the places in your area can give you a starting point on how to price, but you have to be able to make money. If you deliver mulch for a few jobs, and your guys are out spreading, and maybe they have some difficult areas with lots of plants and obsticles to avoid, and you discover you are making $2 per man hour, then you may have a problem.

    How much money you need to make per hour may be different then some other folks in other areas, or with other businesses, but you have to pay for your equipment, your personal bills, your taxes, your insurance, and a bunch of other stuff. $50 per hour may sound like alot to some folks, but it may really be minimum wage by the time you get through with your expenses.

    Figure out what you need to make for it to be worth it to you.

  4. OP

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    Hey Shady Brook, im not really sure what you're talking about, my post did not say anything about my labor rate. I'm pretty sure I have one of the best systems around, I bill $65 per hour for my standard labor rate when mulching and doing most clean-ups. Buying and selling mulch prices has nothin to do with my labor rates.

    WINGNUT LawnSite Member
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    I pay 16 per yard and charge 45 per yard delivered, 55 if spread, and more if job is a p.i.t.a.
  6. grassredneck

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    I bid $372 to install 6yds of mulch in a bed full of shrubs-my cost per yd being 26$ (cypress) and charging $52 per yd installed and 60 for the r-up of the bed and manual weed removal (not too many weeds)-Sound too high?
  7. MudslinginFX4

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    I buy triple shredded mulch for $10/yard, I charge $55/yard to deliver and install it with a minimum purchase of 5 yards.

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