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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by andy'slawncare, Apr 23, 2008.

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    I had a local business call today to do a mulch project to their property. I have a few picture attached. They want the 4x4 taking out along with the red rock and replaced with a circle shape around the trees and mulch installed. Also there are two sections of plants that they wanted trimmed back and the boards/ rock removed, also there replaced with mulch. The last section of the project is to remove rock and boards around a building and replaced with mulch also. I figure it will take about 16 yards of mulch and about the same amount of rock has to be removed. Any idea of or how long it will take a 3 man crew to finish it. I have done smaller mulch jobs but nothing really this big. Thanks for your help!





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    I really hope you are not planning on putting all 16 yards of mulch in just those supplied pics...that doesnt look like more than a few yards but maybe there are other beds..??
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    No, there is more to the project then what the pictures show. The project includes 10 of them tree planter and 44x30 shed that need mulch around in 5' out and 2 large planters.

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