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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Dugann, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Okay my company mainly dose lawn maintenance. However we are getting more and more into landscaping. Fertilization, flower bed maintenance, and spreading mulch. We are getting a lot of mulch jobs here lately.

    On smaller jobs I go to wally world or Atwood's etc, and get what I need if the customer dose not get it him self. Another option has presented it self. A new lawn maintenance customer owns a sawmill/lumber yard and has pine/hardwood mulch as a by product. He has a person in TX that comes up and buys truck loads of it and bags it for a company IE Lowe's I think it is. What is left the saw mill owner dose not do nothing with.

    My question is this, how much are you guys that are really into landscaping, and in bigger areas where you can get bulk mulch paying for it? Is there a way I can capitalize on this by product? (no one in the area hauls/sales bulk mulch to home owner)

    Thanks in advance folks.
  2. Isobel

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    I know in this area bulk mulch is cheaper than bagged mulch. Even cheap bag mulch at home depot is still more expensive than bulk mulch sold at retail. Now if you can find bulk mulch at a wholesale price, that's where you can make some money.

    Capatilzing on this product? there's a number of ways. If you have someway of loading and unloading it, ie with a front loader, and you have the ability to house this product on your property, then get the left over delivered to your property, and sell it as your own.

    Or trying setting up some sort of deal with the saw mill guy to see if he wants to sell the excess to you, and load it in your vehicle.

    First though make sure the product is something that you can sell, and its not just the crap left over that Lowe's didn't want.
  3. Dugann

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    Thanks Isobel. Great insight there.
  4. OEY3

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    I have found a source for for pine pole shavings here on the MS gulf coast.This product is what is striped off of pine trees that are used for telephone poles and marine dock pilings. Mostly wood (75%) but bark mixed in (25%). $15.00/ton of material. My last purchase was $45.00 for 12 yards of material loaded on my trailer. The mulch is light in color and does have the disadvantage of getting tangled in one client's dog's coat. Good replacement for cypress mulch in that it binds together. In a heavy rain the bark portion will float and separate out a bit but for that price it's worth it. Look for a timber company in tour area.
  5. Dugann

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    Super reply. I think that is more of the line that I have. Also the post about the mulch in the dog fur man that was u? Wow! that was a tough one my friend. Sorry it happened to ya was unreal. Like I said it is a by product of his mill but if it works and cheap and no one here delivers such bulk might be worth it if you know what i mean, not to mention spreading it as well. I know it not great stuff but seems like it could work and yes it dose look like cyp. mulch.

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