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  1. GrassMannn2008

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    I mainly cut grass, but have had some requests to mulch some yards. I'm not 100% sure how to price this. The cost of mulch per scoop ranges from $22-$25. I was thinking to charge somewhere between $50-$60 per scoop (this would cover the cost of the mulch and include my labor, which shouldn't be too terrible just some simple weeding then put the mulch down as well as picking the mulch up).

    Does this sound like a good price?
  2. P.Services

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    well i guess that would depend on what your scoopin it with :)
  3. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    Exactly, and also how good of quality is the mulch. When you put it down is it going to look like crap after a month, or will it look good in 6 months.
  4. JDiepstra

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    However it works out make sure you are making at least $30 an hour to spread the mulch. Normally mulch is priced by the cubic yard. In my area, I can buy it from $15 per yard for "bark mulch" up to about $26 per yard for the premium dyed color mulch. I can spread 2 yards an hour in open spaces. Or, less if I have to wheelbarrow it all over the place and spread it between delicate flowers or something. If a scoop = 1 yard, charge around $50 per yard "installed" for the cheap stuff, or more if they want the expensive stuff. Weeding and cutting a new edge would be extra.
  5. just4funthen

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    How are you spreading the mulch? Are you one of those half fast people that throw it down and use a rake to spread it or do you actually take your time (like I do) and spread it by hand to make it perfectly smooth? This could influence your pricing!
  6. silverado212

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    I usually charge $70 a yard. That covers $40/HR labor plus mulch.
  7. ryde307

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    Retail on the mulch and 40$ per yard to install. $50 if there i lots of small areas/hills/ long trips with wheelbarrow and so on.
  8. FYS777

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    ? By hand? I couldn't imagine doing 1 yard let alone 10 by hand??? if you can't get it smooth with rake you need practice ??????
  9. White Gardens

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    I seen two guys doing that on landscape job. You could tell that they were going skimpy as they probably didn't have enough. The two guys were Mexican.

    I now call that tactic a "A Mexican Mulch Blower ".:hammerhead:
  10. JNyz

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    Mulching, weeding and edging is 100.00 per yard. I don't know to many people that call it a scoop.

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