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    I'd like to find out if I mow over a mulched area would a mower pick up the mulch?My problem is,I have about a 90'X3' area next to a road,I've put grass seed down two years ago and the grass got washed out(it seems to be a run off area).Instead of trying grass again,I've thought of mulch or stone.Also when the plow and salt(grit)the roads in the winter,the area gets full of the grit.Any suggestions?Thanks for any help,BASIC.
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    Your story is a little vague and I'll make a few assumptions along teh way.

    If this is a 90' x 3' strip next to a roadway and you have problems with seed washing out chances are you are going to have problems with mulch washing out. In that case I would use stone. I would go with stone greater than 2" in diameter. That way, when the "grit" gets in there from the plows you can go in with a good size backback blower and blow it out of there without moving the stone. Also, stones smaller than 2" are harder to get out of your grass. I'm assuming one side is the road and the other is your lawn. You can also make the stone a natural dry creekbed. That way, when it does rain the runoff filters through your stone and not onto your lawn.

    just my suggestion

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