Mulch Suppliers in Northern, NJ and Southern, NY?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mkwl, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. mkwl

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    So, who does everyone in Bergen and Rockland Counties use for mulch suppliers? I was using a place on Rt 304 last year (in Pearl River, NY), but they went out of business. Anyone ever use Dependable Mulch in Wyckoff, NJ or Organic Recycling in Oragneburg, NY?

  2. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I use organic recycleing
  3. kenny s

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    Is the supplier who went out of business the one one the north side of Rt.304, just south of Ted Schultz Ford? They also sell firewood don't they? What happened? Do you know why they went out of business? I was just by there yesterday on my way to New City to take my Rockland County Contractor Lincense test. They put up a nice new white fence and shrubs on the outside. There is a huge pile of firewood inside the fence. Have any details? Thanks. :confused:
    Kenny s.
  4. mkwl

    mkwl LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes, that's the supplier I used last year. I don't know exactly why they closed.
  5. jpmako

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    They are still in business but they left that location.
    They have a huge yard in Tuxedo NY but are shopping for another location closer to the one on 304. It is my understanding that they are looking at a couple of places in Chestnut Ridge. That would be great as it is very close to the NY/NJ border. BTW I don't know if they will be able to accept debris because of the new law that passed last year. All waste is supposed to go to the Solid Waste Management Authority in Hillburn. Blame that on our Town Supervisor. He is an Idiot:angry:. I went to the town meetings last year with about 100 or so other Contractors from our area to express our concerns over this Monopoly but it got us nowhere. I will talk to the owner of PCTS whom is the owner of the Mulch yard and find out what they are doing. Hopefully They can get a location closer to me becuase going to Organic Recycling sucks, and I refuse to go wait in line in Hillburn to get charged $90.00 a ton with a 1 ton minimum.
  6. jdiller

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    Ive used "Dependable Mulch" for the last few years. They prob have the best prices we've seen. We get it spread by them too. They've always done a good job:)
  7. greenworldh2o

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    o'sullivan recycling center took over the facility on west nyack road. they provide a good product. they also have a facility on western highway, in west nyack, ny. most landscape contractors purchase from o'sullivan or perfect cut. both provide a good product. it is usually what is more convienent for you. perfect cut is in the northern part of rockland and o'sullivan is in the south. i have heard very little complaints about both company's mulch. o'sullivan has a mulch blower so he can provide that service for large commerical accounts or hard to reach locations (roof tops in nyc).

  8. godzilla

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    Have you guys ever tried Ben Veltidi? I think that's what the company is called.
  9. QuadRacer041

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    One of my customers said they got a price from them for about $10-15 a yard less then me so I told them to go ahead and give them a try, they were very skimpy on the mulch. I would not recommend them.
  10. Lugnut

    Lugnut LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea they have good mulch, I either buy their mulch through Devitt's or go to Penning's depending on which side of town I'm working in.

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