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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Andrews Lawn, Mar 13, 2002.

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    I know about the search function and already looked it up so here it goes:

    What is the preferred mulch that everyone uses to mulch beds? I have heard of cedar,cypress, pine bark, nuggets and so on but what is the one that is the best ? I know that most people don't prefer buying in bags but at Home Depot I can get cypress in bags for the same amount in bulk but if cypress isn't the right type I don't want to buy this. So if someone could tell me the right type of mulch to use and maybe send some pictures of some of the different types used, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, If I wanted to buy bulk, how could I get it for less than any other homeowner would get it for and have to buy a 80 yd load?

    Sorry if its too long but so much I still need to learn
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    look in your local yellow pages for mulch, to see what kinds they offer, as well as which kind they sell the most of.

    for the most part, double shredded dark mulch is the most popular selling around here. double shredded dark is a "loose" term, and the quality, and color can vary greatly from one mulch supplier to the next. what i mean by that is that many types of wood can be in that variety, depending on where you go.

    the best way is to check out all of your local mulch suppliers, and see who will give you the best deal, while still receiving a good quality mulch. other factors may include whether or not you need delivery. price can vary with regards to the amount you purchase also.

    prices around here go from $5 a yard, to upwards of $28 a yard for double shredded dark varieties. $5.00 being crappy mulch, and $28.00 being really nice quality, but just plain overpriced.

    hope this is of some help,

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    my nursery i buy mulch at carries spruce, pine bark, cedar, red cedar and wood chips. i prefer to use spruce cause it smells great and the color lasts longer than the others. I buy mulch from him at landscapers price which is $7 cheaper than the homeowner pays to have it delivered or loaded up at the place. i haul my own mulch with a 5 by 10 dump trailer. i can fit 5 yds in it easily.
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    I have a few places that I buy mulch from. I have a local garden place which sells to landscapers and homeowners for the same price. I have another place which a homeowner just won't know about, and its really not fiesable for a homeowner to go there and pick up, or have delivered. The last place I go to won't sell to homeowners as policy. They are strictly contractors w/ tax ID numbers. Those guys will give me a slightly better deal than the garden place. Your best bet is definatley to buy an 80 yard semi load and stock pile it, or have it delivered to a job and burn it up there. Much better pricing by doing it that way.
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    I started to use black dyed mulch 2 years ago, I use nothing else.
    [ unless specified by customer ] mulch last over 1 year. Makes all beds look great, and nothing but hudge compliments. I charge more for it, but explain to them that regular mulch starts looking like crap a couple months later.

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