Mulch versus Pine Needles

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kakuenzli, Oct 31, 2004.

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    I am inquiring about the pros and cons between mulch and pine needles. I have read multiple threads on the various types of mulch, but not much on comparing and contrasting the two. I live in South Carolina if that helps out any with the pros and cons. Any feedback would be very appreciative. Thanks.
  2. drsogr

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    In Kansas all anyone uses around here is mulch. Pine needles are considered a mess. Plus they just look ugly. I really think the decision should be left up to the customer to decide what they want to use.
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    While both have a different texture that can be appealing. I fined mulch to hold up better and is less messes. I insist on putting a thin layer mulch under pine needles for weed control. This brings the price up, and for a item that must be top dressed each year it is not cost effective. Pine needles are not popular in my town but are used a lot just to my south.
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    Pine needles are used best in areas where they are replenished naturally
    If you have an area where there are oaks,maples and such,then when those leaves get mixed in with the pine needles the area can look messy.It is hard to separate the two.
  5. activelandscaping

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    Pine needles will help acidify the soil, most mulch will not. Our horticulturist @ the course used to gather up the fall needle drop and use them to mulch the Rhodo's and Azalea's.

  6. Coffeecraver

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