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    seems that most people on here dont use any type of fabric to keep weeds out when putting down mulch. i always do. one of my new lawn customers had a very large and reputable landscaping company put in some major landscaping(about $50, 000) they went with all mulch(about 30 yds), the work is less than a month old and already there r weeds, millions of them. dont the customers complain about this? what do u tell them? i know u can use a pre-em, but in may or june its kinda late for that i think.
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    Barrier has premergent and postemergent effect, limited to labled planting material. There are many solutions to weed problems that do not include landscape fabric.

    If you apply the preemergent at the time of planting then you will not have a problem.

    Jim L
  3. eskals

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    I would think that pre-emergent could still be applied. Obviously, you want to remove all the weeds and then apply the pre-emergent.

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    I don't like landscape fabric because I have had to clean up to many beds with the fabric that have weeds growing through it. When this happens it is next to impossible to clean them up!. A good thick layer of mulch is the way to go. Any weeds that come through this are easy to pull
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    Fabrics are for homeowners and do-it-yourself'ers. Many weeds can still germinate in the layer of mulch on top of the fabric and fabric does not last forever. We apply a good pre-emergeant (usually Ronstar) to new plantings then use selective herbicides to control what that misses.

    Hope this helps. :cool:
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    If the weeds are pretty bad we'll spray round then apply liquid pendulum(spelling?)Or when we install the landscape we spread Snapshot or Treflan around the plants. This usually last a season. Then apply again in the spring with the mulch.
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    We tell everyone that a quality landscape is going to need quality care- and weeding.
    I hate the way the fabrics poke out from under the mulch sooner or later.
    I'd rather bill for weeding time than spread chemicals around.
    Hire a sub to follow you around weeding old customers- lucrative.
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    I hate fabric, it seems like it will always come back to haunt you, I put treflan down every time I mulch and when weeds do pop up we hit em with roundup or pull em. ;)

    oh yah, I do ues fabric under stone and river bed rock though.
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    What do you guys do when you get a new customer in the late spring or early summer that wants beds weeded and remulched? It seems to me that putting down a pre m would not work because you won't get all of the roots out.
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    one word....glyphosphate

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