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    I bet it would cost more then you think. You need to have a variety plus all equipment. I think over 50k just to get started.
  2. treeman06

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    I run a garden center and can tell you that you will not be able to make it on just selling 4 types of mulch. The money just is not there. You will need decorative stone, hardscape products, pond supplies, maybe seed, fertilizer.
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    Need to have a wide variety of mulch to make decent money. We buy mulch from 4 different vendors. Sometimes the mulch is kind of crappy and we shop around. All the places work well with us because of the volume we buy.
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    A random thought, instead of a standard dump, what about a Hooklift type truck, you could deliver the product in the container, charge for use of the container, used as a little to no mess solution for some customers.
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    Some of the bigger yards around here contract delivery.

    There is one that grinds mulch and buys in sand and gravel.
  6. Schrock Lawns

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    if i get a virginia beach discount ill buy from you
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    I've thought about this as well. You can charge for it on site after a couple of days and also be able to do haul aways. Using a hooklift has alot of advantages.
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