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    how do i measure feet if the bed is curvy? how many feet are in a yard? how many 3 sq. ft. bags of mulch will equal one sq. yard? where can i buy it in bulk? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    looks like someone was sleeping during highschool....
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    Estimate, three, three, look up mulch in the yellow pages.
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    here we go if the widest point is 8feet and the narrowist point is 6 feet then average at 7 feet wide then x by the strait length then x by the thickness desired .
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    average the square foot for estimating the mulch.

    27 cubic feet in a cubic yard

    9- 3 cubic foot bags to equal a cubic yard

    to figure your mulch needed
    you can rough it like this
    figure your square footage. example (300' x 10' = 3000 square feet)
    if you want 1" use .08

    so lets say you want it 3" deep
    you would take 3000 x .24 = 720
    divide 720 by 27 = 26.6 yards of mulch

    so you need approx. 27 yards of mulch

    I just noticed that you also wanted to know where to get the mulch.
    I hope your joking!

    Good luck!

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