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  1. onthesidelawncare

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    I have my first mulch job comming up, how much do you guys charge per sq. foot? Just tring to get an idea of how much to bid on this guys property tomarrow.
  2. Stafford Landscaping

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    I always figure the price by how many yards it will take. A 9 x 9 x 4 is a yard and that would be 81 sq ft. I 'm pretty sure that's right .You guys correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. WildLake

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    3'x3'x3' is a yard and cover roughly 100sqft or (10'x10') 3 inches thick. I walk the property and say to myself "thats about 10x10, 1 yard. Thats another 10x10, 2 yards." and so on. Thats how I estimate mulch. Experience helps to.
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