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    I've looked over the site alot to try and learn as much as I can about mulch work. I have alot of clients intersted in haveing mulch put down in beds (some over old mulch some just new mulch). I think I got the priceing down. (Take the price of the mulch ad about 30 dollers of so (Sometime more) per yard and tack on the delivary) What I don't have down yet is how you all measure out to a good amount what you need for mulch. Do you just add a little extra after you make rough estimates of garden beds and such? Then if there is to much just toss down some extra? Sorry if this is totaly a stupid question. Thanks for any help,
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    1 Cubic yard will cover about 80-100 SF(most resi beds are about 4 ft dep and then you can go about 20 -25 feet in length with 1 yard) at a depth of
    3" or so. Don't put it down less than 2.5" or it will look like crap after about 2-3 months. I charge 80.00 per cubic yard for midnight mulch and 75 per yard for hardwood and get it all day long in my area. Most charge 55-60 per yard but I don't have a problem getting what I do because I also will do light weed removal to make it look good...
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    Until you do several jobs, be sure to add 3-4 yards to your estimate to cover your original estimate. This being based on past jobs where I had 20-30 yard installs when I initially started out. You may overlook some nooks and crannies, ground features behind beds etc. that require additional mulch.
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    What if you Estimate a job for 5 yards of mulch, and you tell the homeowner that for five yards installed it will be 275. But when you go and do the work your 2 yards short. Do i take the hit, or can i add that to there bill? Or do you tell them your putting down 2-3 more yards then you really are to cover yourself? THanks
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    You would be crazy to add it to the bill. If you only needed 3 yards would you take off 2 of the yards? I dont think so. I would eat the price and tell myself to estimate better next time. Or I would just spread it thinner.

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