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  1. bw

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    do you have to remove the old mulch to put down new mulch, is it better to do anyway?<p>love you guys (on a manly level)
  2. Scraper

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    Should never have to remove the old mulch as long as too much was not put on the previous year. Mulch, if not put on too heavy, should completely disintegrate by the end of the previous season. We just put enough to cover the old mulch (1-2&quot;), that way you aren't facing the dilemna of removing excess mulch. I have picked up some new accounts where the prior company put the mulch down so heavy, that if we were to put more on top it slid right out over the edge into the lawn. In these cases we did remove some mulch to make our work look better. You definitely don't want the mulch too deep and up against the trunks of shrubs and trees as this has a choking affect on the plant. Around the bases of trees (against the trunk) the mulch should be no more than an inch to prevent this.<p>Hope this helps...<br>
  3. JasonPC

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    No, we don't remove it. If there's a lot down already we will only put an additional inch on it. If there's not a lot down already, we'll put 2-3 inches down. <p>
  4. yardsmith

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    For me it depends on how many layers there are. If the new mulch would be layer #3, we'll remove the old mulch(es). If there's only one layer down, we'll put it over top usually.<br>I have never had the luxury of having the old mulch disintegrate- it just hangs around till someone removes it.<br>If the new mulch is a different color than before, we have to put 2-3 &quot; down to completely cover the old color. Regardless, we always remove the first foot from the grass/mulch edge-border so the new mulch is in contact with the dirt. Usually if you don't, the new mulch will lay on top of old mulch & spill into the lawn 'cause there's no edge left to hold it in- it's full with the old stuff up to the same height as the grass.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p>
  5. Scraper

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    Smitty: What kind of mulch do you primarily use? I use the 2x or 3x hardwood mulches...usually the 3x which has smaller pieces. When you go this way, the organic matter size is so small that it should decompose by the end of the season. Sometimes so much that you can put a refresher coating down in the fall (usually an inch or so)thereby creating more $$$. As for the accumulation to the edge...we just kick it back into the bed and smooth it out prior to laying the fresh mulch.<p>Just my $0.02...however you do it I'm sure works for you!
  6. Matt

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    Yardsmith, What ever type of mulch that you use that doesn't decompose is not the type you want. If it doesn't decompose how does it improve soil texture, structure, organic matter and microbial content ? These are all major benefits of applying a mulch as well as water retention, weed prevention, and aesthetics as well as some others which I haven't mentioned. Use good double ground hardwood bark mulch that has been aged and you will get a very rich dark color as well as a mulch that will decompose and improve the soil. Matt
  7. bad_chad48

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    how much do you charge to remove mulch? I have a job in whic they have anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of cypress mulch down on the ground.. It looks bad and need new put down... I think that some of the mulch need to be taken out then new added... what do you think?

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