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  1. mikey

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    i am new to landscaping in general,i had a repeat customerwhom i never laid down any mulch before.He asked me when to lay mulch and i told him late may mid april?what should i have told him?
  2. stslawncare

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    late march late april at the latest, must get in down before weeds start
  3. LawnLad

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    My recommendation would be based on soil moisture. We typically mulch in early June after the first round of bush trimming is completed and annuals are planted. By this time the soil is not sopping wet. Mulch helps with moisture retention in the drier months - as well, it will trap moisture in the spring and may cause some root rot issues.

    If you establish a decent mulching schedule, replacing mulch as it breaks down (as opposed to by the calendar), you'll avoid many of the weed problems anyways. We apply mulch at about 1" to 1.5" at a time - but we don't mulch large open beds, more of the ornamental and perennial beds. You can also use Treflan, Preen or Snapshot to reduce weed growth early in the year.
  4. mdb landscaping

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    You can technically mulch whenever you want. if you do it in the time frame you said, you should beat the weeds and it gives a nice fresh look in the spring. some people like to mulch in the fall too so it looks good for the winter. i myself do mulching jobs march-september usually.

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