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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dingo, Mar 2, 2000.

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    I would tell your client it will be 14-17 yards. Cost per yard is ( I charge $12.00 over cost of mulch. I throw 1.75 per hour )<br>You can charge what you need to make the day or the week.
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    Well, in Oregon we use barkdust rather than mulch 95% of the time. It's just like mulch but lighter and a little easier to spread. It costs $99 per unit (7.5 yards) around here and I can spread a whole unit in 2.5 - 3 hours myself. My workers can usually spread a unit in 3-4 hours. So I charge $250 per unit, if I have to break it down to a cost-per-unit analysis. <p>But I often don't have to. I totally agree with Keith here. I wouldn't break it down to a cost-per-yard or cost-per-unit price if I didn't have to. What I usually do is look over the lot, estimate how much it will take, estimate how rich they are, estimate how impressed they are with our company, etc..... and then I say something like &quot;Well, for this lot, we could spread barkdust for $X.&quot; And I usually get $250 for 1/2 a unit because they have no idea how much I am using. But if they ask 'How much barkdust will that be?' I always say, &quot;Well, I don't know for sure, but I estimate we will use a ABOUT a unit. And if I use more, you won't have to pay a dime more.&quot; In reality, I do know pretty well what it'll be. And it's probably closer to 4 or 5 yards. But they have no idea how much that is. I show up with two pickup loads and that could be a unit for all they know. And in fact, I can fit a whole unit in two of my pickup trucks. But I don't often do that. <p>I don't know if that helps at all but that's my 2ยข<p>Jim <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>
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    If your new client wants you to put down 2&quot; of mulch this spring,just like he has done for the past 10 years, and he knows it takes<br>16 yards of mulch that he has bought for $21.00 a yard delivered,what do you tell him<br>the charge is going to be.Maybe its just me but most of my clients have some idea as to what fair market value is. Most are in business or too old to do it themselves.<br>
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    Jim, exactly what is bark dust? We do not have it in this area and I was looking at the latest PRO Magazine and saw the machine that will blow it in the beds. Got me wondering about the feasability of using one and the &quot;newness&quot; affect. I might be able to convert my customers over if it looks good and doesn't wash out during heavy rains. I can get bark for free so a supply wouldn't be a problem. Once the machine paid for itself it would be smooth sailing afterwards.<p>Homer
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    I have just purchased a Finn Bark Blower (trailer mount). I only wish I had bought one sooner. Two or three employees can do the work of ten in on third the time. My guys do not ***** about having to spread mulch anymore, and everyone is calling me to sub their work. I can mulch in the rain or on soft ground and not do any damage to the turf whatsoever. What a dream machine. <p>Rick<br>Ace Landscape Services<br>Delaware
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    This business is all about priceing....Oh course people are going to price shop. Have you ever price shopped for some sort of service before. People need to know how much your going to charge them.. You all should reveal your priceing stragies to your customers. That way, they'll have a better idea of the price you might charge for a particular service. 50-60 dollars a yard is about what I charge to deliver and spread the mulch.. Of course I do charge extra for edging and general bed preperation. <p>Bottom line.....Don't ever think that your charging to much.<p>There's my two cents <br>
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    First off ALS what did that machine cost you??? Next try to just give a price for the total job. As far as Curlawn you are telling us that you make about $ 12 per hour for mulch?? If that is so why do it. It takes time and for that little bit of money it not worth the time. In this area going rate is around $ 40 to 75 per yard depending on kind of mulch. Thats with us getting the mulch. If they will have it dropped and want it spread then it is hourly. Yes last year homeowner Joe had them drop off 16 yards of mulch and he spread them. So what that means is he orders 18 or 20 yards got 15 or 16 yards and is trying to make you eat some of the cost. Or his last landscaper told him they put down 16 yards of mulch when in reality it took 12 yards. When we have to break it down to yards we always add on more to cover our a#@ since you know they will come out it looks thin or can you raise it up a little or this is only 2 inches we wanted 3 inches. Best bet NEVER say how many yards always say around 2 inches or 3 inches leaving your self some room if it spreads thin here. Tell them what they need to know with the least amount of info they need. BUT Thats my thoughts.
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    It is true that I throw mulch for $21.00 per hour. I hat it but it is something that has to be done for my clients landscape. My mulch costs $21.20 a yard and I throw it for $35.00<br>a yard. I have no problem showing my custemer the bill so they know they got what they paid for, nor do I have a problem showing them the bill for services rendered.I try to honest.<br>Everyone in the world knows you have to make money to stay in business.If you are honest people do NOT mind paying you for your service.My .02 worth.
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    Curly,<p>Next time you buy a truck tell the dealer you want to have an exact job cost on it and if you don't like it you will let them know what you think is a fair price for everyone involved.<p>Good luck
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    Chris, I guess i should clarify my answer. I will tell my existing clients what I charge per yard. I will then give the an estimate of how many yards it will take. They know my work and they know im honest so that usually works well. I was trying to make a point to not give that info out over the phone to potential clients.<br>Mark A Musolf

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