Mulching 16 yards

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dingo, Mar 2, 2000.

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    Ok, i forgot some info about the miracle machine. $33,000.00 non-negotiable. I am running it this year expecting no profit, but to maintain itself and crew. I should pay it off this year. I have a variable rate when I am a sub. The average is $45/yard. However if they need my loader or extra men I add on accordingly. When mulching for myself I range from $45-55/yard. Checkout to see a picture of the equipment. While its is pricey you can be the first kid on the block and corner the business. I have been contacted for almost 3,000 yards worth of work this spring. I gave the business a new name so that people would not get nervous about me trying to steal their business with my landscape business. I already have to much.

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