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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CLARK LAWN, Jul 12, 2006.


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    about a month ago i put mulching blades under all the mowers in the last week ive had more complants about quality of cut than in the 4 years ive been in biz. they just seem to lay the grass over and dont cut very well,ive noticed it at my house to. anyone else have problems with them or im i missing something?
  2. Roger

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    Mulching blades have little lift in their design. They can't have too much lift, or the debris would never work its way out from under the deck.

    Your mulching blades are not pulling up the turf so the sharp edge can make a clean cut. As you have observed, the turf is being laid over and not cut off cleanly.

    Your (and your customer's) observation is precisely why I do very little mulching. I either discharge or bag the clippings. I simply do not like the quality of result with the mulching blades (either a mulching kit on a w/b, or the mulching plate on a 21" hand mower).

    I suspect you and I have similar turf. From all the "mulching only" residents on LS, apparently a mulching strategy will work well elsewhere with different turf types.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    This is the reason we dont mulch. It does a crap job on our northern fescues because it doesnt stand the grass up good enough to cut cleanly. Couple that with the fact our fescus hold so much moisture and gum up badly when its wet out. Our lawns tend to be extreamly thick also which is no good when it comes to mulching. As a matter of fact I dont think I have ever seen another LCO mulch either. Its 95% side discharge and 5% bagging around here.
  4. Splicer

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    Slow down or get Gator Blades and leave the discharge chute open...

    Curious as to why Roger does not like a 21" mulching look? Whats wrong with the cut/mulch in this picture??? And this was immediately following a rainstorm AND was easily 8" tall:

    The Doctors House.jpg
  5. topsites

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    Every machine is different, some do better with mulchers, others with high lifts.
    That's been my experience, the old 52"s did their best with the mulchers but my 48's do much better with high lifts.

    It's trial and error, hence why if it cuts good, leave it alone lol.
  6. Groomer

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    I suspect that anyone cutting cool season grasses, from Atlanta north, willl tell you that a high lift blade with side discharge is the only way. I've never seen a mulch kit on any mower worth its salt here in grassland where fescue can grow an inch a day.
  7. DEEJ

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    Did you put on mulching blades, as you state, or a complete mulching kit. The kit adds baffles around each bladed and encloses them in their own chambers.

    I mulch year round with the stock Exmark mulch kits on a 2001 60" Lazer and a 2003 60" Lazer. The results are awesome, with no grass layed down and not cut. I rarely if ever see clippings.

    Putting mulching blades on alone is not mulching, and I am not surprised the results are crappy.

  8. anj

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    I Have The Stock Mulching Kit On Every Mower Exmark 60z, 36wb, And 21wb And I Get Great Results On Any Lawn. I Have Even Gotten Clients Because Of The Of The Cut.
  9. WJW Lawn

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    I use the mulch kit on my Quick 36 with Gators....stripes and cuts like a charm. I guess every machine is different.

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