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N. Kingstown, RI
Looks like I' getting a two year old Ferris 52" ZTR, in good condition. I will install double blades, with Gator Magnums on the top. To get good grass mulching (I like to side discharge to spread the clippings) do I have to also install a mulching kit? Or, will my blade set-up chew up the grass, even with a regualr deck?

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Long Lake, MN
we have toro's and have been using gators on everything for years now with excellent results. we however thought that during cleanups a muching kit may add to the efficiency of our operation, boy were we wrong. we found the mulching kit to be counter productive and took it off after two uses. the gators are the best way to go for mulching with open discharge as you mentioned and if needed just go over lawn twice or three times going in opposite directions each time with the down and back pattern.

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I don`t know about ferris,or toro, but with my lazer and turf tracer the micro mulch kit works fantastic. I had tt for about 2 years and used gator blades, but the discharge would shoot the leaves out so far that I spent a lot of time chasing them around all over. Since I put mulching kits on I can cut on either side along drives,landscape areas,and unless the leaves are real thick only one pass is needed.I am a firm believer in the mulching kits:)


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Here's one from all aspects. I have my 48" Encore set up with double blades with gator on top. 36" Exmark with mulch kit, and 52" Lazar with ultra vac. When I get into heavy leaves I've been using the 36" to chop them up and the ultra vac to pick them up, and I save dearly on bags. Today I used the encore instead of the 36" exmark. It is side discharge, and it was cutting the leaves up just as well as the mulch kit. Maybe a little better. BUT, in grass conditions, the mulch kit is no comparison. With gator blades on grass you still see some cut grass on the lawn. With the mulch kit you do not. Looks like it was bagged. You can't beat that for a quality look. Your area might be a little different, but I cut thick bermuda and zoysia, and no matter how many times I go over with gator blades and side discharge, it never looks as good as mulch kit.