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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by i_plant_art, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Hey guys get this. I think this is outrageously over priced. If I'm wrong let me know, i dont know what the market allows for there in MD but i have a feeling its not this high.

    My mom calls me today asking me if she got a fair bid on a mulch estimate. She proceeds to tell me the guy quoted her for black mulch, as she requested. His estimate included to remove the weeds, which arent much, i know this for a fact dad always pulls them on saturdays, so it couldnt be too much. He came up with 6 yards, which to me is fair, this is about what i used +/- to use when i lived at home and did it myself.

    His total price was for $750.00

    To me thats nuts. Although as i mentioned before i could be wrong i dont know what the market allows up there.

    If there is anyone out there around the Mt.Airy/Fredrick area give me a ballpark of what you would charge based on what i described, and send me an IM and ill get you the info to go out and quote the price for the job. Dad is always out golfing and mom just cant do it. So if anyone out there wants to bid on some work let me know and i can get ya set up.
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    was prolly overbooked and was gonna sub it, ya think?
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    Your Contractors veiw

    Part of the answer could be that Black mulch was requested.

    Black mulch or/dyed mulch is more costly than regular mulch.

    You may reduce the price of the job by requesting regular shredded Hardwood

    The weeding is most likely the other reason the cost is high.I charge for weeding by the ft.

    If the edging has not been kept up,that could be another charge,I get 1.50
    a foot for edging.

    This edging needs to be hauled away,that could be another charge.

    Or it could be as SOMM stated.

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    The cost of living is Maryland is high , that price sounds pretty much correct for a professional . My question to you would be , If the contractor quoted $ 100 .00 for the job would you be looking for someone more expensive fearing that she may have contacted a lowballer?
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    Well I think that may sound just a little bit high, "IF" your only talking pulling weeds and laying mulch. We usually charge about $65 to $75 per yard just to lay the mulch, like everyone else said, are you also edging, hauling the leftovers away, requesting died mulch, removal of old mulch????, but all in all that may not be too bad of a price for the Mt. Airy area
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    I live in mt. Airy. Died mulch is $27 a yard here. Brown double shred is $15-$17. Plus labor, edging, etc.

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