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    When leaves turn into litter

    I edited out the article to protect since it is copyrighted and at the bottom of the article it says: This article is protected by United States copyright and other intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced, rewritten, distributed, redisseminated, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast, directly or indirectly, in any medium without the prior written permission of PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc. Above it the link so you can read it in itÂ’s entirety.

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    Execellent, were is the web address I can find this at?
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    One of the most interesting statements is this one:
    Turfgrass quality increased on plots that had maple leave treatments due to the fact that less broadleaf weed growth was observed in those plots.

    This stands to reason since most weed seeds must be struck by sunlight in order to germinate. If the weed seeds are covered up by leaf litter then no sunlight will strike them.

    One of the things that this report did not address was the effect(s) that localized fall season rainfall droughts and deluges would have on broadleaf weed growth.

    For example if you have a fall drought like we are having in the Maryland area than will weed growth prevention be of limited value since the weed seeds never get stuck (by moisture) to the ground? If the weed seeds are not stuck to the ground then they can be circulated and mixed in and on top of the leaf litter allowing sunlight to strike them.

    Of couse to those of you that have customers with irrigation systems this should not be a problem.

    This report is interesting but far from complete. It didn't even discuss the effects that Black Walnut leaves have on turf grass.
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    Great reading, thanks for taking the time to post the article.
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    Great article. I used to bag etc, then went to double blades and or gators 4-5 years ago and have just ground everything up since. My impression has been that my yard has never looked better with very minimal maintainance. The above article would seem to make this observation true. Thanks, Brad
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    Brad, I would agree with you. Several of my customers last year I mulched most all their leaves. This year they had a much nicer lawn, and it also made them grow all year and I got to cut them more often. :)

    This article and other info you can find will give you the abiltiy to educate yourself and your customers on the positives of mulching them.
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    I experieced the same results with mulching leaves.

    I put the micro-mulch kit and blades on my Lazer as soon as the leaves start falling and mulch the lawns up every week to 10 days as to prevent too much build up.

    The lawns get healthier and have less broadleaf every year. The seem to grow faster and a little longer each season...thus more cuts! :D
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    You do realize that is a copyrighted article and shouldn't be posted here in its entirety. Should've just posted a link. Also, there was an article just like this one last year around this time. It has been shown that mulching has no detrimental effects.

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