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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by khutch, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Just purchased a mulching kit for my 36 Metro.
    What should I expect with it?
    How the heck to you sharpen the blades?
    The plan is to grind up light layers of early fall leaves to prevent bagging.
    I do have one high end account (Zoysia) that I bag. Will I be able to get good results from mulching instead?
    What is the normal install/remove time for this kit?
    Last question! What's in a name? Where did the Exmark name come from? Where they a private company before Toro bought them?
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    What to expect? With the exception of wet conditions you should expect most if not all the debris to disappear into the lawn giving the appearance that it was bagged.........especially in light leaves. You should be able to to mulch zoysia extremely well. You may need to play around a little with the cutting height/blade speacers etc. but you should be throughly impressed. I mulched with a 32" Metro for several years.........wish I had it back.

    For blade sharpening I found a bench vise and a 4" angle grinder worked the best for me. I've heard that some of the specialty blade grinders will work on these blades as well.

    As far as the name goes. There've always been stories but nobody around here really knows how they came up with it.

    Yes we were an independantly owned company prior to the Toro purchase several years ago.


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