Mulching Kit for FasTrak


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Owasso, OK
I have just purchased a FasTrak and was wondering what all comes with the mulching kit option? I was told that the blades don't come with it which I would think they would. If they don't what blades should I puchase that would do me the best job? ser# and price?


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Syracuse, NY
The mulch kit has 2 baffles and a block off plate for the discharge, it also comes with instructions and hardware needed to install it.
I would suggest Gator blades.
44" part # 785428 $10.00 each MSRP
52" part # 785436 $10.45 each MSRP
The reason we do not put the blades in the mulch kit is do to different cutting conditions in different parts of the country, some people can use the std blades, and some can not.
Hope this helps