Mulching kit for XR-7 deck.......bad experience.....

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by guntruck, May 11, 2007.

  1. guntruck

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    The other day we purchased the mulch kit for our 60" XR-7 Z. We run the kits on the SWB's and they perform quite well, but when we installed it on the Z, well lets just say its a whole new ball game. Now I know the grass is lush and thick but I was far from expecting the results we received. The mulch kit left two thick lines of grass one right at teh dischard and the other between the middle and left blade. There was an uncut strip of grass as well under the clumped grass. THe grass was damp but not wet and I was operating slower than normal to check for speed issues which were irrelevant I found. I spent 190 bucks for this kit to use it for less than 30 mintues and Im quite sure I wont be able to return it. I must say this is the first negative experince with any of our hustler products, very disappointing beings I was just trying to keep control of the clippings to keep the crews from blowing beds, patios etc etc. I have the baffle kit on the deck because of the strip of grass it was leaving when it was new, but there is no baffle on the other side and the kit doesnt quite cover that area. Not sure if that has anything to do with it and I know it wont solve all the issues. Maybe I can save someone else the grief of dealing with this same scenario, not that im knocking Huslter jsut that damn mulch kit =).....
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    I just answered Syzers PM on this also, so you may already have a reply.
    What blades are you running?
    Are you running the air containment kit?
    You also need to remove the baffle kit you put in last year, it is not used with the mulch kit.
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    Guntruck have you tried the changes? My new mulch kit is still in the box that I picked it up in this morning. I also love my new 60" XR-7 But the discharge will easily go 12-15', sometimes making a clean job sometimes difficult. WILL NOT CHANGE MY LOVE OF THE SUPER Z BUT I AM WILLING TO TRY ALTERNATIVES(mulch kit).
  4. Shady Brook

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    I think under the perfect setup conditions with that mulch kit, you are asking for more then she can provide in heavy spring growth with northern grasses. Mulch kits can be great for the guys in the south, and in some parts of the north at certain times of year providing you are cutting them often enough, but to do weekly mulching in fast growing lush turf will likely prove to be a frustrateing experience.

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