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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Pride, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Southern Pride

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    I am having trouble with my exmark metro 36 with the mulching kit, mulching blades when trying to mulch up extra leaves...This is a "true" mulch kit and has the baffles..From the driving point of view, it seems like the left side of the deck will create vacuum pretty well and catch most of what it goes over, however the right side (originall the discharge side) will swirl the leaves and shoot a percentage out and into the next pass. Sometimes I have to go over a single line of leaves several times because it keeps shifting some to the right.

    What is the cause? &
    What is the fix?

    I'd love for it to vaccum them up as well as it does on the left so when I go over a pass it gets all of the leaves in that pass and I can turn right around and hit the next line without it blowing leaves back into the already cut & mulched area... Any help is greatly appreciated. It would save so much time.
  2. Southern Pride

    Southern Pride LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Memphis
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    46 views and nothing...Is this just the way it is supposed to do? Surely there is something...
  3. Cooter

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    It does make a difference where the blades are located in the deck.
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  4. TroyLawnService

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    I have a mulching kit on my 52in toro and it leaves a streak on the same side also. It also does it in heavy grass I just go over it twice
  5. Southern Pride

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    Okay well my blades have 3 spacers on top and 1 below so that they are sitting almost as far down as they can go..In the manual this is for the best quality cut. Should they be higher or lower in the deck for mulching leaves. I'm 80% done with cutting and moving into the leave removals so any help would really help. It's a major PITA making passes and having to go back and chase leaves. My lines aren't as straight and organized like they should be if it just sucked them in on the first pass.

    I understand it not mulching ALL the leaves first pass, which I accept but I don't like that the right side is blowing them around, so If I could just cut down on that it would really help my productivity and patience.
  6. fastlane

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    I think that's normal in heavy leaves. Sometimes I do the racetrack. Start outside work to center. Then from center out.
  7. rmslawns

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    I have a mulch kit on my Hustler 48" WB. While I usually cut fescue at 4" during the season, as soon as leaves fall I find it works like a vacuum at 3.5 inches or lower. I can get away with cutting fescue lower as the leaves fall since it is getting cooler and the grass will not burn up. Keep those blades sharp!
  8. Southern Pride

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    from Memphis
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    That's the thing. I am getting the blowout even in spread out leaves that are minimal. I gotta get this fixed asap because I am right on the edge of cutting into leaf removals..So far I have heard of external baffles you can supposedly buy but my blowout is really only on the discharge side. I've also heard of using 2 different blades...Anyone that can give me an experiment to do I will try. I have the mulching blades and have a set of gator blades, here they are...Kind of lost on what to do as I don't understand which blades help minimize blowout the most
    The black are my exmark mulching blades (currently on) Blue are the aggressive style gators I have but haven't test on leaf cleanups yet. Let me know any ideas.
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