Mulching kit, Oak leaves?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lawnman_scott, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Does anyone in FL use a mulching kit? About the only trees we have are oaks. Few and far between maple, but anything will mulch those. Will a mulching kit mulch up oak leaves, and will it make a difference with regular grass clippings? The grass isnt growing that much now, but the cut is perfect. I just want to know if having a mulching kit is something to run year round. And does it require special blades? And i am still in love with my new baby!!!!
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    Here in Alabama I do some properties with the Oak leaves like you are talking about. You can mulch them. The only problem I have is in thick bermuda the leaves get down deep in the grass on thicker lawns and you can not suck them up to the top to get choped up. However, I was having the same problem w/my walker before I sold it.
    I run a mulch kit year round. It works fantastic. It is worth every penny of the cost. My new TTHP is also awesome.
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    Not in FL but I mulch oak leaves all the time. Not really sure what your question is though. The mulch kit wavy blades work the best with the mulch kit. Mulching the leaves into the soil is organic matter. Feed the soil, the soil will feed the plant.
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    I do live in Florida and deal with oak leaves all the time. In Oct. I bought our first Lazer with the Ultravac and a mulch kit. We used the bagger for three days and decided to try the mulch kit just for kicks. We have not put the bagger on since, the mulch kit is amazing! In Dec we bought a second Lazer and we mulch with it also. There are times that a lawn has gotten out of hand with leaves and we have to go over it a couple of times before it looks clean.
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    You can mulch the leaves fine but you've got to be concerned about the acid levels in the soil.

    The mulch for the most part works great on leaves, even oaks. The problem is that oak leaves and walnut leaves often contain high levels of acid. This when put into the soil can change the PH levels so they are less turf friendly. Most will simply put down lime to combat high levels of acidity. You may want to contact you local garden center or county extension office for more details on testing and treating the soil.

    With oak leaves it often comes down to two choices. Mulch and lime or bag and carry.


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    Unless you live where the soil is alkaiine, not acid like here in Idaho

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