Mulching kit on all summer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Quality Lawn Care, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Quality Lawn Care

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    I have been mowing all summer with my 52' Lazor HP w/ stripping roller. I mow mostly at 3.5'. It has been doing a great job for me and leaving my accts. looking good. This fall after reading about how well the mulching kit works for fall clean-ups, I went and bought one. I'm now cutting at 2.75" and I can't believe how nice of a job it does, my accts. look like carpet!! Here comes the question: Can I, and/or, does anyone leave the mulching kit on all summer? If so, how much does it effect speed? I have some big acct. and don't want to slow down. What about grass lenth? Any help would be great!!
  2. dmk395

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    I stopped mulching after trying it...found that often times it makes a real mess when wet, especially on paved areas. Mulching is ideal in dry conditions where you only take 1/3 blade length of the grass, yet that seems to seldom happen with fert plans and irrigation systems in the summer. As a solo operator it might work, but employees get careless and can leave a lawn looking like hell with a mulcher also.
  3. DELTA

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    Alot of guys leave them off in the spring when the grass is wet and growing and then back on in June. I keep mine on as much as possible and during mid ummer does not affect my speed.
  4. DLCS

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    I'm not running a Emark ztr but I do run a mulch kit on my JD 757. I put mine on in June and leave it on the rest of season. I will not use it in the spring when the grass is wet and growing the fastest, just too much to mulch up.

  5. Quality Lawn Care

    Quality Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Thank you all for your input. I think I'll take it off in the spring and put it back on when the grass growth slows.
  6. greenman

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    The mulch kit on my wb never comes off.
  7. ScotLawn

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    the only time my mulch kit will come off is when the Leaves are too thick to mulch or first cuts when it has to be bagged. the Pro's outweigh the cons on the mulch kit on my mower. customers love the bagged look with out the bag and it doesn't take much more time doing the yard. sometimes mulching is faster than discharging clippings. My pet peeve is when a LCO leaves grass clippings built up on top of the grass. The clippings die and leave the yard looking bad. Mulching pushes it back into the soil, giving moisture and nitrogen back to the yard.


  8. Shady Brook

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    I have a mulch kit on a Tiger Cub. It really works outstanding, especially on leaves, I am very impressed. If the grass is damp, you probably wittnessed the grass sticking in your tires, and when you touch concrete you get stains, and when you move quickly on concrete the grass chuncks fly everywhere. Imagine that in the Spring. Grass now is thinning, even if it seemed tall for a while, I think you would find that the grass is still no where near as thick as Spring, so that would make it worse. Where I mow, I have no doubt that to run one through the Spring would be an excercise in futility. I have some nice lawns that I thought left nice, only to come back next week and see dried grass patches on the surface, I think this would happen in the Spring very often.

    It would not be worth it to me to have the kit on in high growth periods.

  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    I mulch 99% of the time. Unless the grass is too wet to side discharge or way over 4" I can mulch and get a clean job with no trails or clumps. Realy if I can't mulch it I shouldn't even be mowing it anyways in that condition.

    For a normal weekly account, it's never a problem and never slows me down. But I'm not as fast as you guys to start with. In fact it speeds me up and makes the job easier.

    I hate discharging now!!! With a mulch kit on I can trim on both sides. I don't have to take extra time to be sure I'm discharging it the right direction. It eliminates a lot of blowing. It leaves a cleaner bagged look to the lawn in one pass. It's heathier for the lawn. And it's safer. It really comes in handy mowing a business during hours when they are open.

    Now as far as what you can get by with and what you can't depends on you, the mulching properties of your mower and what kind of conditions it will operated in. Some machines just don't mulch that well even in ideal conditions.

    My advise is just try it and see what you can and can't do. That's the only way to know for sure.

    Now just to pass some info on to you, I can mulch in very harsh conditions now when I couldn't before. Why? Because when it was wet, all I got was a clogged up deck with factory mulch blades.

    So I tried Gators. I didn't think they mulched grass all that well in harsh conditions. They were worse than the factory blades. But the deck rarely ever got anything stuck to it anymore. So I began to ask myself, "why not try these in a doubles set up? If I could get a clean job and a clean deck I'd be set.

    So that's how I discovered doubles. Boy it sure would have been nice to have know about LawnSite then!!! I spent a lot of time in trial and error until I found a combo that worked.

    Now that is not to say that it will work better for you. It's just something worth trying before giving up if your are getting poor results.

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