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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Pundit, Mar 1, 2007.

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    I am in the process of purchasing a MFT 42 with the Honda engine. Strictly residential use (about 1 acre and the occasional neighbor's yard) and am thinking about purchasing the mulch kit. I have never had much luck with Mulchers but this is my first Hustler and first Zero (upgrading from Ex-Mark walk behind). Any thoughts about the effectiveness of the mulch kit on the MFT are appreciated.
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    As with any mower and brand, a mulch kit will work only as good as the conditions it is put in.
    Wet or tall grass is going to affect the final outcome.
    If you are on top of your mowing and it isn't out of control and it is fairly dry then you will love the mulching aspects of this mower.
    If it is wet or to tall and your driving to fast, you will not get the optimum results.

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    The "kit" is just a plate to cover the discharge chute. You'll really need to buy blades for it to mulch well. I went to a local dealer, hit the parts dept and told him I needed 2 x 20.5 inch blades and the cost me about $22.00 to 25.00 for the set, I don't remember exactly how much. I ran these blades for the last 1/3rd of this past year (chute on and chute off) and the blades held up extremely well. As a matter of fact, I liked them soo much I'm leaving them on this year. There is a noticeable difference in the amount of power it takes to drive the mulching blades.

    As PJ said, if you let the lawn get too tall you'll have to go sooo slow for the kit to be effective you'd wished you'd not installed kit. The advantage here is that with 2 or 3 bolts and you can have he discharge chute back in place for mowing after a week of rain, vacation or whatever.

    Spring & fall you might have to cut 2 to 2.5 times a week when the growth rate is heavy, if you leave the chute cover on and want to mow 'full' speed. By full speed I mean whatever you comfortable with. I guess this all depends on how much you fertilize and all those other variables like rainfall, etc.

    NOTE: I'm a home owner with a MFT 16/42. I mow my own lawn and help 2 neighbors. I guess it'd be about 2 acre's a week total that I'm mowing.

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