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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by erock53, May 19, 2004.

  1. erock53

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    I'm looking for a mulching kit to fit a 48" metro. I ordered it from my dealer on 5/11/04. Is Exmark backordered on this item? If so you shouldn't be hyping it up so much on the web. I'm frustrated that it's taking so long. It took less time for the dealer to get the actual mower. I'm glad that the mulching kit is not something that is broken on the mower. I cant imagine having my mower out of service for the past week.
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    We gott'm. If the dealer and the regional distributor warehouse are out of stock on an accessory it can take a while to come in every now and then because unless it's on a rush order it waits until the next scheduled truck leaves.

    Send me a pm to with your name and the name of your dealer and I'll make sure nothing is holding it up.


  3. MikeLT1Z28

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    did the dealer ever get you your kit yet, i'm just curious.
  4. erock53

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    The dealer did get me the kit a few days later. I am still curious if it was this e-mail that got the ball rolling or it was just the timing. By the way I have installed the kit and I love it. I have bunch of mulch beds that I hated getting cut grass throw into. The mulching kit does wonders for that. I have also noticed that the cut blades of grass are considerably smaller and almost dissappear. I have my metro fixed deck set up with 4 spacers below the spindle and the cut height around 2.75" I've seen posts that say to use 3 spacers but I haven't tried that yet.

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