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I have been lurking for the past month and think this is a great forum. I guess I need to come out of the closet and ask a question.<p>I have seen recently a big promo in my area for people to turn in their gas lawnmowers and by electric mulching mowers at a discount. Just this weekend they had 650 people trade their mowers in for the mulching mowers. Of course these are 21&quot; versions they are trading in. What do you think of mulching mowers and how many of you out there use them? What models? We bag alot of our customers, but I am thinking mulching more and converting my 3 Hondas and John Deere WB. Curious of the input out there. <p>Thanks in advance for any input.<p>----------<br>Dandy Andy<br>


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I to was bagging a lot until about a month ago I purchased a Toro z-master and put a mulching kit on it was very surprised at the capability of mulching. I had to change my pants when I noticed it mulched everything including leaves. I would recomend the toro if your looking to mulch.


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I have not bagged in (2)years, Have a 48&quot; KEES W/B a Grasshopper725 each with a mulch kit and my 21&quot; is a toro. Cant see why you would want to bag.

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