Mulching Leaves vs Hauling Away

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JDiepstra, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. JDiepstra

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    Hey guys. Who does what? When I first started out I mulched some leaves and took a lot away as well. I didn't realize how many leaves could actually be mulched into a lawn. Last season I mulched every leaf on every lawn that I had. It was a huge time and money saver. OK that's not totally true. I did blow some into a customers woods, but they told me that was fine.
  2. JB1

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    mulching is all we do now, use to haul them away, not any more.
  3. ashgrove landscaping

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    I mulch as many as I can and blow the rest into the woods. My goal is to never touch a rake or tarp but I usually have to for one section of one place. Tons of pine needles on the gravel driveway and lawn.
  4. sdk1959

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    Mulching leaves really is the way to go, and if you live in the northeast and do heavily wooded lots you have to mulch them over several visits.

    Many on here can't seem to wrap their mind around that concept, they think you just wait till the end of the fall season and mulch the leaves all at once.

    Hauling away the leaves- All that equipment needed, manpower, outfitting all the helpers with blowers, dump fees, etc. Plus the yard looks like crap till the end of the season when all the leaves are finally collected.
  5. knox gsl

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    I'm a mulcher, only one property that I haul about half the leaves out.
  6. Sammy

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    Mulch 'em and blow into woods.
  7. topsites

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    I still don't see how folks can mulch the kind of leaves I'm talking about, maybe a light layer but
    even if you made pixels out of my leaves you'd still have a layer several inches thick and there ain't
    no way you can hide that in the grass but I do agree that hauling is the most expensive option.

    The way I like to do it is create a compost pile someplace, which also serves us well for hedge clippings, branches and things.
  8. dgw

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  9. 93Chevy

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    I mulched one yard once and it looked could still see leaf crumblies all over the place. I'm talking three large maples weekly dropping inches of leaves on a 1/3 acre lot. I just bag with the mower.

    You can mulch lawns with little trees weekly and that should be fine, but I've yet to see a lawn with many tall, old trees look this good after mulching:

  10. JB1

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    yeah, I've heard it before , nobody has as many trees as you and you only do the best.

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