Mulching leaves with a Lazer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn-Scapes, Sep 24, 2001.

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    A couple of properties are showing signs of Fall with some leaves on the lawn. I run my Lazer with gator blades but the leaves just seem to shoot right out the discharge chute. Also seems like many don't make it under the deck as they 'blow out' and up onto the top of the deck at my feet. Is this a sign? Is it going to be a struggle for me to get rid of the many leaves that have yet to Fall?
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    Running doubles? This will cause alot of blowout. How high are you cutting? The higher, the more blowout. Why are you running Gators if you ARE just running singles? (terrible cut) I think you'll find that as the leaves get thicker, you'll have no trouble getting them under the deck to mow/mulch them. Also, if you somehow end up with a bunch piled up, like from windrowing or something, you'll find that backing over them is the best bet. This way, they don't plow and build up, and end up coming up on to your feet.
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    slow the blades down some will help with blowout.
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    u might want to increase pitch a tad. i run the same equipment
    and thats where it really shines. i got to say i dont mow the same way for leaves . have to deemphasize stripes and concentrate on maken them disappear. u can put down a quick pattern after there gone. also for me its time to start cutting a little shorter. dont know why mines different than some but it will actually suck things in that i get close to. try a mulcher w gators on heavy leaves. later now
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    Not running doubles. Cutting at 3". I was using highlifts and cut was not too good. They seemed to be blowing the grass downward. I switched to gators and the cut improved. I did run over them backwards and as with any machine they do cut up better. It seemed like my old Gravely Promaster did a better job... as they wouldn't discharge so fast.


    I was told by dealer to always run throttle at full speed. I have noticed when not at full speed that the hydros really scream...


    I have a 1/4" pitch right now... Is your more? I'm hesitant (sp?) on using doubles due to wear and tear on the clutch...

    Thanks for the replies!
  6. If you have front blow out with singles you need to attach a strip of rubber across front of the deck.

    Once all the mfg.s go to double blades they will make the decks deeper and this will not be much of an issue.

    Then run gators with a set of oem low lifts. Then raise the rear of the deck 1" and the front 1/2" so the front is 1/2 lower than the rear.

    And scrap all that crap from under you deck.

    Now go forth and grind away.
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    TSG, it doesn't hurt to run it lower. I'm not talking 1000's, i'm talking 500-600 rpm's. Also, I believe there was a discussion about lower rpms and would it hurt the hydros in the eXmark forum. Basically no, it doesn't hurt the hydros.
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    Would this modification work better for leaves. Its a quick drawing, while NOT to scale, it is pretty darn close, and blade, baffle, deck skirt are all correctly placed. You could make it out of sheet metal or coil sheet stock. Would probably help with blowout AND allow the leaves to enter the deck better. Problem is,.... How to attach it? Would have to be scalloped to allow for caster wheel swing. Just an idea!

    Take it from here.

    exmark deck design.jpg

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